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    Destination Class Baggage Allowance Infant
    All Destinations Royal Class 3 (32kgs each piece) 1 (10kgs) not exceeding total dimensions 115 cms or 45 inch.
    First Class 2 (32kgs each piece)
    Business Class 2 (32kgs each piece)
    Economy Class 2 (23kgs each piece)

    For extra baggage rates, please check Excess Baggage Rates tab.

    ** Royal Class only available on Boeing 777-300
    ** For Interline (Other Airline connection) Bookings please call 171 or contact Kuwait Airways Office.
    ** Ban of all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices on all commercial and cargo flights Read more...

    First / Royal Class

    Passenger Checked Baggage should not exceed below dimensions.

    • Normal CHECK-IN Bag should be within: Length 90cm / Width 65cm / Height 75cm
    • Maximum dimension 300cm / 118inch

    Business Class

    Passenger Checked Baggage should not exceed below dimensions.

    • Normal CHECK-IN Bag should be within: Length 90cm / Width 65cm / Height 75cm
    • Maximum dimension 158cm / 62inch

    Economy Class

    Passenger Checked Baggage should not exceed below dimensions.

    • Normal CHECK-IN Bag should be within: Length 90cm / Width 65cm / Height 75cm
    • Maximum dimension 158cm / 62inch
    • Oversize CHECK-IN Bag should be within: Length 110cm / Width 65cm / Height 75cm
    • Maximum Dimension 203cm / 80inch

    Note: Overlimit Size and/or O​ver weight: If the baggage exceeds the permissible limits in Dimensions or Weight allowance, then it would be considered as an extra piece.

    ** Excess Baggage not permitted for Infants

    New (ICAO) Security Measure

    For the purpose of enhancing safety and security of passengers, the Directorate General of civil Aviation (DGCA) in coordination with Department of Airport security, ministry of Interior is in the process of applying a new (ICAO) security measure related to the limitation of the allowable quantity of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels That can be carried onboard the Aircraft by all passengers Travelling from Kuwait International Airport.

    - Implementation of this security measure will be effective (01/01/2008) with the following procedures :

    • Passengers are only allowed to carry onboard a limited quantity of Liquids, Aerosols and gels in containers that do not exceed the capacity of one hundred Milliliter (100ML) each.
    • Each container shall not exceed the capacity of one hundred milliliter (100ML) even if partially full.
    • Those containers shall be placed in a designated security tampered evident bags provided by the Airport Authority. The capacity of the bags shall not exceed one liter (20cm x 20cm in size) and must be securily resealable.
    • Each passenger is allowed to carry only one bag and must be separately presented at the security check point.
    • The items within the bag will be subjected to all types of security screening including random hand search of passengers and their belongings.
    • Flight crew members and staff who are required to perform their duties (in uniform) are exempted from the above measures while on duty at the day of travel.
    • Exempts from these security measures are prescription medicines, infant food, milk and formulas, health diet food with reasonable quantities required for the total duration of the flight taking into consideration the possibilities of flight delays or diversions. In any case the carriage of the above items onboard the aircraft shall be subject to security staff assessment. Moreover, passengers with such items are required to show official proofs of the necessity for these items upon request .
    • All Liquids, Areosoles and Gels that are purchased from duty free sale points at the Airport or from onboard the Aircraft are permitted through transit check points provided that they are placed in appropriate transparent security evident tampered bags marked with the name of the country or airport of origin and/or airline and tagged prominently with the purchase invoice.
    • The DGCA reserves the right to reconsider or apply more strict measures towards the carriage of Liquids, AeroSoles and Gels including the sales of such items at duty free points and onboard the aircraft.


    • Maximum dimension=length + width + height
    • Any items larger than permissible maximum dimensions require separate shipping as cargo.
    • Baggage allowances may vary according to route and cabin class. Please check the exact baggage regulations printed on your ticket.
    • In addition to your hand baggage allowance, you can also carry personal items such as one small ladies handbag; one coat; one umbrella; one pair of crutches or walking stick; an infant's carrying basket; and one bag of duty-free items purchased on the day of your flight.
    • Most Significant Carrier (MSC) rules will apply in case of code share / interline travel.
    • Liquid restrictions on hand baggage now apply to all customers boarding from or transiting through Kuwait International Airport as well as many other airports around the world. Please check Airport restrictions before travelling.
    • Please note that these checks may prevent you from carrying duty free liquid goods purchased prior to these flights, including items purchased on board, if carried as part of your normal hand baggage. You are advised to check regulations in place at all transit Airports.
    • Sports equipment and musical instruments are subject to the same size and weight restrictions as other forms of cabin baggage and applicable transit point restrictions will apply if any.
    • Please note that certain conditions and limitations may apply when transporting musical instruments. To review these conditions or if you have any questions regarding musical instrument transport, please get in touch with us.
    • Due to international regulations, and to ensure the safety of our customers, there are a number of restrictions on items that can be carried in your cabin baggage. Items that may cause injury or represent any other security or safety threat can only be carried as checked baggage, and are not allowed in cabin baggage. These items should be appropriately packed for carriage as checked baggage, in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and relevant Kuwait Airways regulations.

    These items may include, but are not limited to:

    • Real or toy weapons
    • Arms and ammunition
    • Explosives or anything containing explosives (for example: fireworks or fire crackers)
    • Knives of any kind, type, shape or size
    • Letter openers
    • Metal cutlery
    • Slingshots
    • Razor blades and straight razor blades
    • Tradesmen's tools
    • Darts
    • Scissors
    • Nail files
    • Hypodermic needles and syringes (unless required for medical reasons and accompanied by a medical certificate confirming the medical condition necessitating carriage)
    • Knitting needles
    • Corkscrews
    • Laser pointers

    • Dangerous goods are classified as items or substances that may pose health and safety hazards to customers. The transport of these goods is regulated by Civil Aviation Regulations, and they are generally not allowed in either cabin baggage or checked baggage, with some exceptions.

    • The use of certain medical devices on board Kuwait Airways flights is permitted: please see our information on health and special needs for details of permitted devices and any restrictions.

    Perfumes prohibited through Security – London Heathrow

    As per information from CAA, received by Security authorities, Heathrow Airport, regarding Important Security Compliance Update (Prohibited Perfumes through security), the following two perfumes are prohibited on all flights from and into London Heathrow as these items have the appearance of items that could cause concern.

    If a passenger resents at Security with the above items, the items are prohibited and cannot be taken through Security with them.

  • Free Carry-on Baggage

    In addition to the free baggage allowance, the following personal effects may be carried by each passenger free of charge (always refer to the ticket condition of carriage) One or Two Items Only:


    FIRST & BUSINESS CLASS - 1PC/11Kgs. One piece not to exceed 11 Kgs. One small Laptop Bag

    - 1PC/7Kgs. One piece not to exceed 7 Kgs. One small Laptop Bag to be placed under the seat in front.
    Maximum Size - 56 X 46 X 25 cm OR 22 X 18 X 10 inch each.

    • One Carry-on baggage must be safely stowed in the aircraft cabin. This general rule limits baggage to that which will fit in an overhead compartment or under the seat in front of the passenger. The maximum size is usually 23 x 36 x 56 cm (115 cm total) or 9 x 14 x 22" (45" total)and the maximum weight is 7 kilograms. Carry-on items must remain with the passenger at all times and are the responsibility of the passenger. Please refer to baggage free allowance for other size limitation of Carry-on baggage like Garment Bag or Suit Pack.
    • One overcoat, wrap or blanket.
    • One umbrella or walking stick.
    • One small camera and/or one pair of binoculars.
    • A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight.
    • Infant's food for consumption in flight.
    • One Infant's carrying basket.
    • One fully collapsible stroller or push chair.
    • One fully collapsible wheelchair and/or one pair of crutches and or braces or their prosthetic device for the passenger's use.
    • A lady's handbag, pocketbook or purse, which is appropriate to normal traveling dress and is not being used as a container for the transportation of articles which would otherwise be regarded as baggage.
    • A small laptop in a reasonable laptop bag.


    • All passengers travelling by Kuwait Airways to UK & USA( LHR & JFK) are requested to ensure that all electronics items ( laptops/iPad/mobiles) being carried as hand luggage should be kept ON & out of its cover for security clearance checks.
    • During the flight the above carry on items shall be kept in passenger's own custody.
    • Any additional items, other than those specified in above, shall be weighed with the rest of the baggage and should the allowance be exceeded, it is subject to an excess baggage charge.


    Destination Class Additional Baggage Baggage Charges per piece
    All Destinations ALL CABINS 1st Bag KWD 45
    2nd Bag KWD 65
    3rd Bag and more KWD 85

    Over Size KWD 45/-per piece
    Over Weight KWD 45/ -per piece
    Over Size and Over Weight KWD 90/- per piece
    Royal &First 300cm/118inch
    Business 158cm/62inch
    Economy 158cm/62inch

    The above excess baggage charges are displayed in KWD and can be paid at the Check-in Desks in local currency as per the exchange rate on the purchase day.

  • We apologise for the mishandling of your baggage and understand that this will be inconvenient for you. Please be assured that we will do all possible to assist you through this experience.

    To display information about your delayed bag, enter your 10-character file reference in the first box below, your last name in the second box and click the "Search" button.

    Baggage Tracing Information

    Exp: Johnson

    Exp: ATLXS13166

    Your baggage details have been entered into our worldwide computerized baggage tracing system.

    If any of your information has changed or if, after reviewing your file you have corrections, it would be appreciated if you would notify us immediately so we can update your file accordingly. It would also be most helpful if you would ensure your name, address and bag type details are correct.

    This will help us in returning your baggage to you quickly.

    We will advise you once your baggage has been received and arrange a convenient time for delivery.


    Passengers traveling to European Union are requested to ensure that all plants, fruits and vegetables are free from plant pests and diseases and that they are not prohibited from entering EU territory. Regulated plants and produce must be checked by a local plant health authority in sufficient time prior to your "take off" to the EU! For regulated goods, freedom from pests and diseases must be stated by a phytosanitary certificate (PC) issued by a local competent authority.

    Please note the following notes regarding regulated goods destined to enter EU territory:

    • All regulated items to be declared on arrival
    • Shall be accompanied by a valid PC (the original document, no copy will be accepted).
    • Shall be declared at customs or at a plant health authority at the point of entry.
    • re subject to phytosanitary checks at the point of entry.

    If these conditions are not met, your valuable perishables or plants may be rejected, and a caution may be issued. Moreover, you may be charged for the safe destruction of your rejected goods.