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Kuwait Airways have selected Allianz Travel as a third party to provide travel insurance cover including medical emergency assistance service. Allianz Travel is one of the world’s largest providers of assistance products, offering insured parties access to a vast network of credentialed medical providers globally.

More than 10 million people rely on Allianz Travel. Our Kuwait Airways Travel Insurance coverage and global support network let you travel anywhere with peace of mind.

Benefits of Kuwait Airways Travel Insurance Product:
  • Schengen visa compliant
  • 24h emergency medical assistance
  • Insures you against any unexpected event whilst travelling
  • Protects you, your family and your belongings in case of accidents, illness and travel inconveniences
Kuwait Airways Travel Insurance offers a comprehensive coverage during travel which includes:

  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Curtailment
  • Personal Accident
  • Medical Expenses and Repatriation
  • Personal belongings
  • Delayed baggage
  • Trip Delay
  • Missed Departure
  • All destinations Kuwait Airways are covered. (Middle East & Europe) (Worldwide)

To purchase travel insurance you should be holding a valid booking with Kuwait Airways. Travel Insurance can be purchased through My Booking

Kuwait Airways Travel Insurance Policy Wording

The full terms and conditions for the travel insurance policy are available through the links below. You may download and print for your reference and record.

If you have any queries please refer to our FAQs.