68th Anniversary of Kuwait Airways’ Establishment

Anniversary Awards

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Kuwait Airways celebrated the 68th anniversary of its establishment since March 1954, and coinciding with this occasion, launched the “Beyond Excellence” ‘BE’ Transformation program, which is a digital program aimed towards developing the work system to reach the highest levels of customer service and designed to focus on maximizing efficiency, and to sustain growth while maximizing returns. The program is digitally structured with the objectives in reaching outperformances while maximizing talent engagements within the Company.

The program includes four main pillars across the domains of Environment Social and Governance (ESG), Performance, Customer Experience and Growth in all areas. Kuwait Airways implemented the first of these pillars by launching the new Platinum Card, which is the highest category of Oasis Club and the Home Check-in services, to be followed closely by other pillars of the program successively.

As for its future plans, Kuwait Airways is focused on a strategy to reach all the countries of the world, thereby expanding the Blue Bird’s network to new markets across the globe, by operating to 17 new destinations during 2022, which will enable to serve customers better in a manner, while achieving the highest levels of comfort and providing all their requirements.

Kuwait Airways is functioning with all available capabilities for the Blue Bird to attain the largest share in the global aviation market, through diligent review of customer requirements and implementing them. From this viewpoint, the Company has undertaken a number of important steps to ensure that these requirements are met, including but not limited to: the restructuring of Kuwait Airways’ fleet of Airbus aircraft, which is in line with the Executive Management’s strategy for the expansion where it aspires to reach all the countries of the world, through the launch of various new destinations, that will cover the requirements of customers.

Kuwait Airways is also looking forward to mobilizing the efforts of the Company’s employees, utilizing the stock of experiences it has acquired during these 68 years to achieve a strategic approach and to reach the highest levels of competition with international airlines. This is in addition to emphasizing its relentless pursuit to initiate change for the better through the latest, best, and most accurate systems applied in the world of aviation and the most appealing, as well as facilitating service performance to maintain the loyalty of our valued customers.