Wheel Chair

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Type of Special Handling
Wheelchair for Cabin Seat

WCHC - wheelchair - c for cabin seat - - the passenger although can occupy a seat CMA is completely Immobile. A wheelchair is required to/from the Aircraft or mobile lounge and the passenger must be carried up/down steps and to/from cabin seat.

Wheelchair for Ramp

WCHR - wheelchair - r for ramp - the passenger can ascend descend steps and can make his/her own way to/from a cabin seat. A wheelchair is required to cover the distance to/from the aircraft CMA e.g across ramp CMA finger dock or to a mobile lounge.

Wheelchair Steps

WCHS - wheelchair - s for steps - the passenger cannot ascend/descend steps but is able to make his/her way to cabin seat. A wheelchair is required to cover the distance to/from the aircraft or mobile lounge but the passenger must be carried up/down.

Passenger with Vision Disabilites

This passenger is visually impaired and requires assistance at airport

Blind passengers can be unescorted or accompanied by a Seeing Eye dog. If the blind passenger is travelling with a Seeing Eye dog, Then 24 hours sufficient notice is required to make necessary Arrangements. Passengers should ensure that they carry the Vaccination certificates for the dog. The dog needs to be muzzled and leashed. If their journey involves other carriers then Passengers should contact other airlines to advise them accordingly. Passenger need to have the dog muzzled and leashed. A vaccination certificate for the dog must also be carried. It is advisable to check if it is permissible to carry animals into any particular country and even in Transit.

Oxygen Devices

Use of Medical Oxygen supplied by KAC for international flights
Use of Respirator, Ventilator, POC or CPAP
Carriage of an Incubator
Passenger travelling on a Stretcher