• Kuwait Airways is introducing Home Check-in Service at Kuwait for Royal and First Class travelling to any destination except New York (JFK). This service will enable our esteemed passengers to check-in at the comfort of their home and avoid any waiting period / congestion at the check-in zones, while allowing a convenient travel experience. 

    Here below is the brief summary of this service.

    • Home Check-in services are offered only to the Royal and First class passengers travelling to any destination on KU flights only except JFK (except any flight to USA).
    • The Kuwait Airways Maraheb services will be offering these services.
    • The Passenger should book for this service  through the Kuwait Airways website & Mobile application only.
    • This service needs be booked minimum 48 hours prior to departure.
    • Any modifications / cancelation on the Home Check-in form should be done minimum 48 hours prior to departure.
    • Provide the Pickup address and details in the form provided.
    • Home check in service is provided in Kuwait only.
    • The waiting time after driver arrival will be 15 minutes only. ​
    • For any assistance, please send an email to services@kuwaitairways.com.
    • All Terms & conditions apply.​​