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Welcome to Kuwait Airways Cargo Facility

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Cargo Facility ​(Export/Import) located next to the newly built Kuwait Airways Passenger Terminal (T4) at the Airport. Our highly motivated team works diligently to provide comprehensive service 24/7, whether you need to move general dry freight, refrigerated cargo, perishables, dangerous goods or Live Animals,

Even during festive holidays, the Terminal is operational 24/7 for the convenience of our Valued Customers and all import and export cargo handled by our well-trained team to ensure timely delivery and departure. 

Cargo Facility

KU Cargo Facility is in line with International Standards to meet the growing demands of customers and their satisfaction. Equipment includes Forklifts, High Loaders, XRAY Machines, Weighing Scales, Ramp Vehicles. The new forklifts have recently been added to our warehouse fleet.

The large Cold Storages, shaded Areas with well ventilation within the cargo facility caters the need of our valuable clients. The dedicated Rooms are used for Valuables, DG and Radio Active material to ensure Safe and proper handling of Cargo.

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Fresh Products

Perishable cargo needs special care, with our team of professionals will make sure, your temperature-sensitive shipments will arrive fresh. From seafood to flowers, sending perishable cargo around the world requires fast and reliable handling by professionals who are experienced in cold chain management. We provide specialized perishable shipment handling to facilitate and extend the shelf life of fresh goods.

DG Products

When you’re shipping dangerous goods, you need a qualified professional with the expertise to handle all of the necessary transportation requirements. Our certified Dangerous Goods acceptance team follow the handling procedures which are in full compliance with IATA safety standards and requirements of local jurisdictions to ensure that there are no risks to human life and the aircraft during the journey. Special Equipment are being used for radiation detection to ensure the safety of our passengers and the aircraft through proper handling of radioactive material by well skilled team of professionals.

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Live Products

Transporting live animals requires an extra level of care and comfort throughout the journey. Our Certified Live Animal handling team consist of professionals ensuring animals travel with the care and attention they deserve, you can rest easy knowing the comfort and safety of your animals are our top priorities.

Pharma Products

There are many reasons to ship high value pharmaceutical products across the world. We understand the potential costs in lives and money if they don't arrive in perfect condition. Pharma handling is a comprehensive range of specialized and professional air cargo services for temperature sensitive shipments designed to meet your needs.

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Courier & CBV Products

From important documents to spare parts critical in maintaining a certain operation, sending urgent parcels around the world requires speed and flexibility. Our customized Courier service that provides speedy delivery of your most urgent shipments using an optimum flight schedule along with quick and hassle-free customs clearance.

We Accept E-Airwaybill

Kuwait Airways is pleased to inform our valued customers that we are fully complaint with IATA's Regulations to accept the E-Airwaybill shipments. The agent would be able to tender their shipments without having need to produce the physical paper airwaybills, such shipments will be dealt on priority by our team of professionals to ensure and facilitate the efficient handling and quick clearance and Uplift. The interested agents are requested to contact our Cargo HDQ Section to get the immediate guidance to start the E-Airwaybill Movement.

E-Airwaybill Contact Details: +965-1802050 Ext. 4676 Email: Please join us and be part of our initiative.

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In keeping with latest International Standards, following facilities are also offered at the Kuwait Airways Cargo Facility,

  • VOICE INFORMATION SYSTEM. This gives information of the shipment through the telephone by following a set sequence.
  • The Cargo is being tagged with the standard Bar Codes to comply with the international standards in order to track and handle the shipments efficiently.
  • The Cargo System being used by KU is complete end-to-end control over the sale, operation and management of cargo. The system allows to track and trace the shipment with real time status updates to have up to date information about the consignment throughout the journey from origin till destination and to have better control of short connecting shipments with real time status updates allowing the Operations team to plan, evaluate and adapt to changes in flight arrivals, customer requests and forward movement of the cargo.
  • QMATIC system followed in Import Delivery Counter for smooth delivery of AWB DOCS to customers in an organized way.
Future Plans
  • Equipment to be modified, keeping in line with the latest technology, such as fully Automated Warehouse.​