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      Kuw​ait Airways ("KAC") is pleased to offer the following services complimentary to our passengers:

      • Kuwait Airways offers Limousine Services to first class passengers at London Airport. This offer may exclude the promotional fares. Customers has to book this service b​y calling 171.
      • Meals and beverages in Aircraft Cabin (only non-alcoholic beverages)
      • Blankets, headsets for viewing movies, s​leeping​ blinds, etc.​
      • Different types of music and movies.
      • Reading materials including ne​​wspapers and magazines.
      • Advance seat selection through internet.
      • Providing seats with more leg room subject to availability.
      • Carry cot for infants less than two years old.
      • Toys and complementary items for children and F/J passengers, etc.
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      Any special needs arising from illness/health related problems Special beds/incubators when required.

      To take advantage of this service, we encourage passengers to contact anyone of KAC's worldwide sales offices worldwide who in turn will co-ordinate with the airlines' medical center & engineering department. A full normal one way fare is charged for stretcher patient & attendant and a surcharge of 700% is charged for the stretcher in economy class.

      Incubators are charged 300% of the normal one way fare during peak seasons and 200% during off peak seasons. Incubator patients & attendants will be charged 100% of the normal one way fares. Oxygen will be charged at 200% of the normal one way fare.

      Generally passengers with disabilities do not need to give any advance notice to KAC. However, in certain instances in order to offer the passenger the proper care and assistance, KAC may require advance notice as follows:

      72 hours advance notice for use of medical oxygen supplied by KAC for international flights.
      48 hours advanced notice for use of a respirator, ventilator, POC or CPAP.
      48 hours advance notice for carriage of an incubator.
      48 hours advance notice for passengers travelling on a stretcher.

      For flights to and from the U.S., a safety assistant must accompany passengers traveling in a stretcher or incubator. The safety assistant must be at least 16 years old, must not have reduced mobility, and must not accompany any other passengers requiring assistance.

      Our special services will ensure:....

      On board availability of all medical equipment.
      Direct transportation of passenger to and from arrival/departure gates.

      KAC has 3 types of wheelchairs available:

      • WCHC - Up to the seat of aircraft.
      • WCHS - For steps.
      • WCHR - For ramp.

      KAC does not charge passengers for wheelchairs and advance notice is not required for flights to or from the U.S. If it is possible, please contact us prior to your flight's departure so that we can better serve your specific needs.

      Specially Disabled Passengers (deaf/mute/blind/other)

      Special service unit staff will receive and assist those passengers (departing/arriving) in passport control procedures, check in, and send faxes or cables upon request on a complimentary basis.

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      Our special services unit will:

      • Receive unaccompanied travelling minors from adult relatives.
      • Perform necessary departure procedures for our young passengers.
      • Ensure luggage is checked through and arrives without delay at destination.
      • Accompany minors through immigration to departure gates.
      • Send cable to destination alerting staff to take necessary measure to receive young passengers.
      • Ensure minor is received by cabin chief, who is responsible for their care during flight.
      • Said personnel will perform same procedures upon arrival of young passengers travelling alone.
      • Said personnel will ensure safe delivery of unaccompanied minors to parents or authorized adult relatives.

      Unaccompanied minors between the ages of 6-12 and young flyers between the ages 12-16 are not charged for the service. However, children between the ages of 4-5 and travelling alone have to be escorted by cabin attendants. Charges for the escorts are 50% of the normal adult one way fare.

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      First Time Travelers (arrival/departure)

      Our special service unit will be happy to assist any first time traveler needing assistance with arrival/departure procedures.

      First Class and Business Class Lounges

      The special services unit is responsible for all services in the Dasman and Oasis lounges. The unit also consider suggestions of passenger, thus ensuring a comfortable journey.

      VIP and CIP Travelers

      Special service unit staff will receive and assist those passengers (departing/arriving) in passport control procedures, check in, and send faxes or cables upon request.

      Extra Seats:

      Passengers can request an extra seat which may be used for the carriage of diplomatic mail, precious metals, musical instruments, currency, courier baggage etc. The weight of any such materials should not exceed 75kg and the passenger's free baggage allowance will not be increased. An extra seat fare will be charged.

      Tour Group and Official Delegations:-

      Our special services unit will

      Receive delegation heads, or tour representatives upon arrival/departure.
      Coordinate group check in at special counters.
      Affix special labels on group luggage.
      Ensure on board luggage is stowed together.
      Receive and escort group to and from arrival/departure gates.
      Additional Information for Passengers Travelling to/from the U.S.

      If you would like to have access to a copy of U.S. DOT 14 C.F.R. Part 382, you can obtain it by any of the following methods:

      Available for review upon request at any U.S. airport and at Kuwait International Airport; Through calls made from the United States, by telephone via the Toll-Free Hotline for Air Travellers with Disabilities at 1-800-778-4838


      The airline will accept the carriage of a pet in the hold provided the pet is placed in a cage and vaccinated as required by law. Certain countries have strict quarantine regulations and hence rules have to be verified before travelling. Be sure to tell us that you will be flying with a pet when you make your reservation as there are restrictions on the number of pets that can be carried in the Hold depending on the aircraft type. You must contact our sales or reservations agents to request this service as you cannot make reservations for your pet online.

      Pet in hold charge is KWD 45/- provided the weight of the PET including the cage shall not exceed the Baggage Allowance of each class of travel ( Royal Class 32kgs, First Class 32kgs, Business Class 32kgs, Economy Class 23kgs) and any excess weight over it shall be charged as an extra piece.

      For flights to and from the U.S., service dogs are permitted in the aircraft cabin and can travel free of charge. The dog does not have to be placed in a pet carrier. Passengers traveling with a service dog must provide 48 hours advance notice to KAC and check in at least one hour in advance for flights longer than eight hours. ​​​​