US Dept. of Homeland Security Restrictions (Electronic Devices)

Kuwait Airways statement
In line with new regulations introduced by US Homeland Security- TSA, Kuwait Airways received official notification that all flights originating or flying onwards from Kuwait International Airport to the United States will have restrictions placed on the transportation of electronic devices larger than a mobile or smart phone.

The new restrictions will be applied from Thursday 23rd March 2017.

The restrictions will not apply to devices such as mobile phones, smart phones or medical devices that can be accompanied by an official medical certificate. Larger electronic devices, including but not limited to personal laptop computers, will not be allowed in the cabin as carry-on luggage and must now be placed in the checked-in luggage.

In order to ensure passenger convenience and safety, Kuwait Airways, the official national airline of the State of Kuwait, provides full co-operation with all applicable authorities on its 36-destination network, in full adherence to the local laws and regulations of those host countries.


What do you need to know about the new US restrictions relating to carry-on electronic devices?

Following instructions from the United States Department of Homeland Security, restrictions on the carrying of electronic devices on-board – in effect by Kuwait Airways, from 23rd March 2017 – will be applicable to all passengers flying to the United States:

1. What items are effected by the US restrictions on passengers carrying electronic goods?

Any electronic device larger than a mobile or smart phone will not be allowed in passengers’ hand/cabin baggage. Such items must now be stowed in your checked luggage.

2. When do these restrictions come into force?

These restrictions will come into effect from 23rd March 2017 and will remain in place until further notice.

3. Are there any exemptions to these restrictions?

Passengers who require medical equipment to be carried on-board will be exempt from these restrictions, as long as a valid medical certificate detailing the passenger's need for the equipment can be produced.

4. What if you are travelling without checked in luggage?

Passengers travelling without checked-in baggage are advised to make the necessary amendments to their luggage arrangements, in order to meet the new requirements.

5. What are the rules if flying via Kuwait to the US?

If you are flying to the US and are stopping for a connecting or transit flight to the US, Kuwait Airways advises that restricted electronic goods are placed in the checked-in luggage at the first point of departure.

As checked-in luggage is transferred from one aircraft to another, on connecting and transit flights, passengers will not have access to their luggage in order to place any restricted electronic items into your checked-in luggage, at Kuwait International Airport.

If restricted electronic items are not placed in the checked-in luggage at the first point of departure, passengers can expect to receive significant delays and/or the possible confiscation of restricted items by security personnel at the airport.
Kuwait Airways shall not be liable for any damages or loss of the above mentioned prohibited items, if found in possession with passengers in their Carry-On baggage at Security Check Points, prior to boarding flights. 

6. Need more information?

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