Scheduled Flights

Dear passengers,
In light of the current COVID-19 situation, we are required to regularly review our KAC Flight Schedules accordingly. To keep yourself fully up to date:

  • Please kindly check the FLIGHT STATUS of your planned fli​ght for the latest information, before making your way to the airport.
  • Please ensure to update your 'Contact Details' using the MANAGE BOOKING online functionality; or via our local Call Center (171); any KAC Offices; or the Travel Agent you made your booking with.
  • Entry Requirements: It is the responsibility of passengers to ensure that they meet the entry requirements of destination countries, and should be aware that those requirements may change between the time of booking and the intended time of travel.

Please click here to read our COVID-19 Conditions of Carriage.

Please click here to read our COVID-19 Travel Guidelines. ​​